Tailored timelines allow you to provide your wedding party with a custom version of your full timeline that just includes items that are relevant to them. That way, they’re not overwhelmed and there’s no confusion on event day. There are two key elements involved in creating wedding party timelines:

Timeline Items
Tagging your wedding party in individual timeline items that pertain to them means that those items will appear on their tailored timeline. From your timeline “Edit” view, click on the downward arrow to the right of a particular timeline item and check the box labeled “Include in Wedding Party Timeline”. 

Timeline Sections
You also have the ability to include other sections in their tailored timeline, such as Reminders/Notes, Venue Guidelines, Vendor Contacts, and so on. Scroll down to the bottom of your timeline and check the “Wedding Party” box on the right of each section to include it in your tailored timeline. 

To download your wedding party’s tailored timeline, click on “Timeline Actions” at the top right of the screen and select “Download”. Check the box next to “Wedding Party” and then click “Download”.

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