Overview of Collaborate View

Effortless collaboration and feedback with Timeline Genius. Invite, manage access, and track feedback for seamless event coordination.

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Timeline Genius makes it easy for you to work with others on your timeline so everyone involved in your event is on the same page. Whether you’re editing, integrating feedback, or just sharing your work, the “Collaborate” view is where the magic happens. 

To get there, navigate to your desired timeline and select the “Collaborate” sub-tab on the top left of your screen. From here, you can invite collaborators to your timeline, manage their access rights to particular items, and track their feedback.

Removing Collaborators from a Timeline

Once a collaborator is added, they can't be removed from the collaborators section, but they can be removed from the Venue Contacts, Vendor Contacts, and Wedding Contacts sections within the timeline. Rest assured that as long as they are not invited to the timeline, they won't have access to it. Additionally, the collaborator's section is not visible to other collaborators, and is just for your reference.

Inviting collaborators to your timeline:

  1. Click the gear icon on the top left of your screen under the “Collaborators” label.

  2. Add email addresses for the collaborators that you’d like to invite, and then click the “Done” button. This prompts the system to send them an email invitation with a link to the timeline.

It's important to note that at this time, we don't have a universal timeline link option. Each collaborator has their own unique link, which helps us track and identify the specific changes or edits made by each individual.

Managing access rights: 

  1. Select the desired collaborator contact name from the left side of the screen. You can select multiple collaborators at once if you like, by holding down the Command (Mac) or Control (PC) key.

  2. Click on the eye icon to the left of a particular timeline item. (This becomes a grey "dash" or "minus" sign if you are multi-selecting collaborators.)

  3. Select “Viewable”, “Hidden”, or “Editable” from the dropdown menu based on your preferences for that particular collaborator. 

  4. You can also choose to allow a collaborator to add timeline items. The default is set to not allow this to happen but if you like, you can allow it. Under the collaborator's name, to the right of your screen, you'll see "Can add timelines items: yes no". Select "Yes" to allow.

Tracking Feedback: 

The bell icon at the top right corner of your account will provide you with the number of notifications, as well as provide you with each individual new notification upon clicking on the icon. Our system refreshes itself and backs up all data every 10 minutes. So, you can either refresh your page to check for immediate notifications, or you can continue working and the system will notify you every 10 minutes.

If one collaborator, in particular, makes a change or leaves a comment, you will see a blue dot beside their name under the "collaborate" tab. You can click on their name to review their edits or changes.

If they have left a comment, there will be a darkened speech bubble icon that appears on the right side of each timeline item. The number on this icon represents the number of comments on this item.

Click on the dropdown arrow to the right to view comments and feedback added by your collaborators.

If there is an edit made, you will see a button appear on the timeline item that reads "confirm edit." It's important to note that once you give edit access to a collaborator, you are not able to deny or revert their edits within Timeline Genius. The "confirm edit" button serves as a notification for you to review the changes made by the collaborator.

If you still wish to give edit access to collaborators, to maintain control over the timeline, it's recommended to carefully choose collaborators and communicate any specific guidelines or instructions regarding edits. This way, you can ensure that the timeline reflects your desired changes and updates.

Otherwise, you can simply give them "view" access, which will still allow them to make comments on each timeline item, to which you can comment in response.

You will also receive a daily email with a list of new notifications. We don't want to bombard you with email notifications every time there is a new edit or a change is made, so we alert you and anyone else who is following the timeline once per day.

If a change is made, updates should appear in real-time. Otherwise, our system refreshes every 10 minutes.

Editing and Deleting Comments:

You can edit or delete comments after they're posted. Simply put your cursor or scroll over the comment, and the edit/delete buttons will appear. Here is how the planner's comment will appear as:

And here is how the collaborator's comment will appear:

It's important to note that the collaborate view only affects the online version of the timeline, with one exception. Read more here.

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