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Colors not copying over when I re-use a timeline
Colors not copying over when I re-use a timeline

If you created a timeline that you want to duplicate and reuse, but the colors in the items did not copy over, here's how to fix that.

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Timeline Genius lets you create timelines that can be reused like templates. Click "Use Previous Timeline" when you go to create a new timeline, and select the one you wish to duplicate.

However, occasionally the colors from the old timeline do not copy over into the new one. 

The reason is somewhat complicated, but the solution is easy.

First, the why?

Usually this is because you have inserted a placeholder name into the bride and/or groom (or clients) slot which uses a number. Ex. "Test 1" 

When you duplicate the timeline, it prompts you to put in the new client's name, let's say Jane Smith. The system will make sure to replace every "Test 1" with "Jane Smith." That means every instance of 1 (from Test 1) will be replaced by Smith. Unfortunately that means that even in the coding underneath, the letter 1 will become Smith. That overwrites the code that creates the colors and renders it plain black.

How to fix?

For one, don't use numbers in any placeholder values. If you want to create a totally blank template where you have a placeholder for every client, vendor, and venue, we strongly suggest you use terms like "T-Photographer" and "T-Bride-First-Name T-Bride-Last-Name." Input these into your Rolodex for easy access. 

(We have a list of these already created that we can import to your rolodex for you. Email us at and ask us to import the template placeholder names for you.)

Next you'll want to create a new template to be reused in the future. If you try to reuse the same original template that had "Test 1" in it, the color code will continue to have issues. You'll need to create a new template to start with.

Make sure to fill in the client, vendor, and venue names with your new placeholders. When your template is set up, then you can duplicate it and your colors should come through correctly. 

Here is an article with more info and a video tutorial to help you get that set up correctly

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