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Customizing Which Timeline Sections Appear

Select which timeline sections different groups can view

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Timeline Genius lets you customize which sections appear on tailored timelines for your vendors, venue, and wedding party. That way, instead of getting distracted by extra information, everyone can just focus on the timeline sections that are relevant to them. 

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the “Edit” view on your timeline. 

  2. Scroll down the timeline until you see the Reminders/Notes section, Vendor Guidelines, and the Venue/Vendor/Wedding Party Contacts sections. 

  3. To the right of the “Show For” label, check the box if you’d like that particular section to appear on the tailored timeline for each group. 

  4. Scroll up and click on the name of your clients, venues, or vendors that are listed in the right sidebar at the top of the page. The timeline preview that appears will reflect the checkmarks you previously made for each group. 

Remember that you can also add your venue, vendors, and wedding party to individual timeline items. Click on the item to add a vendor or venue, or check the box labeled “Include in Wedding Party Timeline”. That item will then appear on their tailored timeline!

See how it’s done in this quick video tutorial:

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