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Overview of the Timeline Elements: Items, Notes/Reminders, Contact Section
Overview of the Timeline Elements: Items, Notes/Reminders, Contact Section

Learn about the different sections that make up each timeline

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If you’re just getting started with Timeline Genius, it’s important to understand three core elements that make up each timeline. When you arrive on the “Edit” view for a particular timeline, you’ll see the following sections: 1) Timeline Items, 2) Notes/Reminders, and 3) Venue, Vendor, and Wedding Party Contacts. You can rename and move each of these elements as you customize your timeline. Here’s quick overview of each element: 

Timeline Items:
Each timeline item includes a time and related text – both of which you can edit by clicking on them directly. You also have the freedom to further customize your timeline text by adjusting the typeface, formatting, and colors. We want you to make it your own!

The Notes/Reminders section of your timeline helps you keep track of all the little details that will make your event a success! Just click on this section to edit as you see fit – you can alter the text formatting, create bulleted lists, add tables, and even insert images. 

Contact Section:
Organize who’s who for your event in the Contacts Section at the bottom of your timeline. We’ve categorized your contacts into Venue, Vendors, and Wedding Party sections to make it even easier to access, add, and edit information along the way.

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