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Timeline is archived but its date is in the future
Timeline is archived but its date is in the future

Is your event in the future yet your timeline archived itself? Here's why and how to fix it.

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It happens occasionally. You're working off a templated timeline and you've set the new ceremony date to be in the future but you suddenly discover your timeline is archived. Uh oh.

But no worries! This is an easy fix.

First, the why. 

Why did your timeline archive itself? 

This usually happens because you created a timeline where the date in the headline of your timeline is very different from the dates of your individual items.

For example, you create a timeline that you plan to reuse over and over again as a template for your future events. So you set the ceremony date way in the future like you're supposed to (like June 6, 2040), but then when you create individual items, you forget and start giving them dates in a different year (like June 6, 2035).

Then you go to duplicate the template you've made to use it for an event this year. The system will make sure to preserve the spacing for all your item dates to be the same as the spacing for the original template you used. That means for the upcoming event you're planning (let's say the event takes place 10/31/2020), the timeline you've generated will have items in the past (10/31/2015) and after a day, it will archive itself because it thinks the event has already happened. 

Note that the date at the top of your timeline actually doesn't have a bearing on the timeline itself. It's the date and times of your individual timeline items that determine when a timeline is "finished" and should be archived. 

Now, the how. 

How to fix this? 

You'll want to edit the original template you're using. Make sure the dates of all the items are correctly spaced around the event date. Then when you duplicate it to use for future events, you shouldn't have any problem with items being stuck in the past and thus the timeline archiving itself.

If you find that the timeline you want to edit is already archived, follow the steps in this article to learn how to reactive an archived timeline.

And if you're really stuck, reach out to Customer Success Team at and we'll get you fixed up!

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