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Enhance Efficiency with the Clipboard Feature on Timeline Genius
Enhance Efficiency with the Clipboard Feature on Timeline Genius

Learn how the Clipboard Feature revolutionizes the way you transfer timeline content.

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to manage repetitive timeline entries across multiple events? Timeline Genius introduces the Clipboard Feature, a powerful tool designed to optimize how you copy and paste items or sections from one timeline to another. Here's how you can leverage this feature to save time and streamline your planning process.

How the Clipboard Feature Works

  1. Identify the Content: Locate the timeline item or section you want to replicate.

  2. Access the Options: Click on the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon to reveal a menu with options to delete, duplicate, or save to clipboard.

  3. Save to Clipboard: Select 'Save to Clipboard' to store the entire item or section. You'll be prompted to name it for easy identification later.

Using Clipboard Content in New Timelines

  1. Navigate to the New Timeline: Go to the timeline where you wish to insert the saved content.

  2. Add Clipboard Content: Click 'Add' and choose 'Clipboard Item'. Then, select the Clipboard content you've saved.

  3. Placement and Reordering:

    • For text sections, they will automatically be placed at the bottom of the new timeline. Use the 'Reorder' function to move them to your preferred location.

    • For timeline items, they will appear in the 'TBD' section, where you can assign them to the correct time slot.

Additional Clipboard Features

  • Save Assigned Parties: Opt to keep any vendors assigned to the original item when transferring, or leave them out if the details will differ.

  • Unlimited Clipboard Items: Create and save as many Clipboard Items as you need, making it easy to build a library of commonly used entries.

Why Use the Clipboard Feature?

  • Saves Time: Eliminates the need to manually copy and paste between timelines.

  • Consistency: Ensures that each timeline maintains a consistent level of detail and formatting.

  • Flexibility: Allows for quick adjustments and customizations without starting from scratch for each event.


The Clipboard Feature on Timeline Genius is more than just a convenience—it's a game-changer for event planners who deal with multiple timelines that share common elements. Say goodbye to the tedious task of recreating the same content for different events.

Embrace the Clipboard Feature, and give yourself more time to focus on the unique aspects of each event. If you have any questions about this feature or need assistance, our support team at is always here to help.

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