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Visualize Your Event Plan: Previewing Timelines on Timeline Genius
Visualize Your Event Plan: Previewing Timelines on Timeline Genius

A step-by-step guide on previewing your timeline to ensure every detail is perfect.

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As an event planner, visualizing your timeline is key to ensuring every detail aligns perfectly for the big day. Timeline Genius offers a 'Preview' feature that lets you see your event plan exactly as it will appear to clients and vendors. This quick guide will demonstrate how to use this feature effectively.

Previewing Your Timeline

Here’s how to get a sneak peek of your timeline:

  1. Open the Timeline: Access the timeline you are actively working on within your Timeline Genius account.

  2. Navigate to Actions: Look for the 'Timeline Actions' section – this is your command center for timeline management.

  3. Select 'Preview': In the 'Timeline Actions' section, click on 'Preview'.

  4. Review Your Work: A full preview of the timeline will open, displaying your company logo, the event's title, date, and the detailed timeline.

What You Will See

The preview will showcase:

  • Company Branding: Your company logo will be prominently displayed, adding a professional touch.

  • Event Details: The title and date of the event will be clear and visible at the top of the timeline.

  • Timeline Breakdown: The detailed event schedule will be laid out for you to review and ensure that everything is in order.

The Benefits of Timeline Preview

  • Accuracy: Previewing allows you to spot and correct any discrepancies before finalizing the timeline.

  • Clarity: It provides a clear understanding of how the timeline will look to others when shared.

  • Professionalism: It ensures that your timeline represents your company's brand and attention to detail.


The 'Preview' feature is a critical tool for fine-tuning the event timeline and ensuring that the final product meets your high standards. Should you encounter any questions about the preview process, our support team at Timeline Genius is always available to assist at

Remember, a well-planned event starts with a well-prepared timeline!

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