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Effortless Communication: Emailing Timelines Directly from Timeline Genius
Effortless Communication: Emailing Timelines Directly from Timeline Genius

Streamline your planning process by sending timelines via email with just a few clicks.

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In the realm of event planning, effective communication is as vital as the plan itself. Timeline Genius enhances this aspect by providing a feature that allows you to email timelines directly from the platform. This article will guide you on how to use this function to share your detailed schedules with vendors and clients swiftly.

Emailing Your Timelines

Here's how you can send your timelines via email:

  1. Access Timeline Actions: Within your event’s page, locate the 'Timeline Actions' section.

  2. Select 'Email': Click on the 'Email' option to start the process of sending your timeline.

  3. Choose Recipients: Specify whether you want to send the full timeline or a tailored version. For example, you might choose to send it to your cake baker, Cammie.

  4. Compose Your Message: Write a personalized message to accompany the timeline. You can include a greeting, event details, and your signature.

  5. Send: After composing your email, click 'Send'. Cammie will receive the full and tailored timelines for the event.

The Convenience of Direct Emailing

  • Saves Time: Eliminates the need for downloading and attaching files to emails manually.

  • Ensures Accuracy: Sending directly from Timeline Genius ensures that the most up-to-date version of the timeline is shared.

  • Professional Touch: The platform allows for a professional presentation, complete with your branding and personalized messaging.

Tailoring Your Message

Remember to:

  • Personalize your email for each recipient.

  • Include specific instructions or notes relevant to the vendor.

  • Provide your contact information for any follow-up questions.

Questions and Support

Should you encounter any questions about emailing timelines or need further assistance, our support team is readily available at We're here to help you leverage all the features Timeline Genius has to offer.

Emailing timelines directly from Timeline Genius not only simplifies your workflow but also ensures that your vendors and clients are informed and prepared for the upcoming event.

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