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New Feature Alert: Bulk-Select Your Way to a Perfect Full Timeline PDF!
New Feature Alert: Bulk-Select Your Way to a Perfect Full Timeline PDF!

Unlock the full potential of your Timeline Genius PDFs with new bulk-select features—ensure every item shows up on your final timeline!

Updated over a week ago

Hey there, savvy Timeline Genius users!

You've spoken, and we've listened! Say goodbye to the days of wondering why some items don't show up on your downloaded timeline. We've rolled out a new feature that puts you in control, ensuring your Full Timeline PDF is exactly as you need it, with all the right items and texts in place. Here’s how it works:

1. Quick Edit for Individual Items: In the 'Edit' view of your timeline, click the dropdown arrow next to an item to see more options. Check the box for “Show on Full Timeline” to make sure it appears in your PDF. Easy-peasy!

2. Bulk Magic in the Assign View: Got a lot of items to update? No problem! Head over to the 'Assign' view, where you can now bulk-select items and quickly ensure they are set to appear on the Full Timeline PDF. Just check the "Full Timeline" option under "TIMELINE TYPES" and voilà – you’re all set!

Genius Feature's Smarts: When you use the Genius Feature to create a timeline, all items are pre-selected to show on the full timeline. You won’t miss a beat!

Template Tip: Starting from scratch or using your own template? Remember, items may not be selected by default. Just use the new bulk-select option to quickly get your timeline in full PDF glory.

No more PDF woes or omissions – just a sleek, complete timeline ready for action. Thanks for using Timeline Genius, where we're committed to making your planning smarter, not harder!

Now, go forth and create timelines like the genius you are!


The Timeline Genius Team

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