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Integrating Social Media: Adding Handles to Your Contacts on Timeline Genius
Integrating Social Media: Adding Handles to Your Contacts on Timeline Genius

Connect with your clients and vendors on a deeper level by incorporating their social media on your Timeline Genius account.

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In the digital age, social media is an integral part of networking and communication in the event planning industry. Timeline Genius recognizes this and provides a seamless way for you to add social media handles to your vendors, venues, and client contacts. This guide explains how to incorporate these crucial details into your Rolodex, enhancing your ability to connect and engage with your professional network.

Adding Social Media Handles to Contacts

  1. Navigate to the Rolodex: In your Timeline Genius account, go to the Rolodex section to manage your contacts.

  2. Clients, Vendors, and Venues: Whether you're updating clients, vendors, or venues, the process is the same. Let's use 'clients' as an example.

  3. Edit Contact Information: Search for a client, like Callahan, and scroll to their social media section. Here, you can input their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter usernames.

  4. Adding New Contacts: When adding a new contact, fill out their details, and don't forget to include the social media fields provided.

  5. Focus on Preferred Platforms: While you can add all available social media handles, you may choose to focus on the platform most relevant to your business and clientele, such as Instagram.

Managing and Updating Social Media Information

  • Editing: You can edit social media handles by clicking on 'Manage Vendor' or 'Manage Client', then 'Edit'.

  • Updating: Change or delete information at any time to keep your Rolodex current.

The Importance of Social Media Details

  • Engagement: These details allow you to engage with your contacts on social platforms, offering a more personal touch.

  • Marketing: Use the information for marketing purposes, like tagging in event photos or sending out invites to business events.

  • Networking: It helps in building a stronger network by connecting with industry professionals on various social platforms.


By adding social media handles to your contacts, you're not only staying up-to-date with the digital aspects of event planning but also unlocking new opportunities for collaboration and marketing.

If you need assistance with adding social media information or have any other queries, our support team is ready to assist you at Expand your professional reach by making the most of your social media connections!

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