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How to Update Contact Roles in Timeline Genius
How to Update Contact Roles in Timeline Genius

Guide to update contact roles in Timeline Genius for streamlined event planning.

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Keeping your event contacts up to date is essential for smooth event planning and execution. In Timeline Genius, you can easily modify the roles of your vendors, clients, or other contacts within your timeline. Follow these steps to update contact roles:

Updating Roles from the Rolodex

  1. Navigate to your Rolodex: The Rolodex is your central hub for all contacts associated with your events. You can find it in your main menu.

  2. Select a Contact: Click on a contact whose role you wish to change. This will bring up their detailed information.

  3. Edit Contact Information: Look for the edit boxes next to the contact's role. Clicking one will allow you to modify their current role.

  4. Change the Role: You can type in a new role directly or choose from a list of predefined roles. For example, if you need to change someone from 'baker' to 'cake decorator,' you can do so here.

  5. Save Your Changes: Once you've selected or entered the new role, make sure to save your changes.

Additional Tips

  • Add New Roles: If the role you need isn't already listed, you can add a new one by clicking 'Add' and typing in the new role name.

  • Vendor Roles: If you're updating a vendor's role, you may also have the option to edit their services directly from the Rolodex.

  • Confirm the Update: After you've updated the role, it's a good practice to review the contact to ensure the changes have been applied correctly.


Regularly updating contact roles ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and can work together efficiently. With Timeline Genius, you have the flexibility to keep all your contact roles accurate and up to date with just a few clicks.

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