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Brand Your Timelines: Uploading Your Logo to Timeline Genius
Brand Your Timelines: Uploading Your Logo to Timeline Genius

Add a professional touch to your timelines by showcasing your company's logo.

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Personal branding is crucial in the event planning industry, and Timeline Genius allows you to leave a signature mark on your work by uploading your company logo to your timelines. This guide will walk you through the process of adding your logo, so every timeline you create carries your unique brand identity.

Uploading Your Logo

Follow these easy steps to upload your logo:

  1. Access Your Profile: Click on your company name in the upper right corner of your Timeline Genius account.

  2. Navigate to 'My Profile': In the dropdown menu, select 'My Profile'.

  3. Upload Your Logo: On your profile page, click 'Choose File' to select your company logo from your computer.

  4. Size Selection: Decide how you want your logo to be displayed—small, medium, or large.

  5. Update Your Account: After uploading your logo and choosing the display size, click 'Update'. This will apply the logo to your timelines.

Previewing Your Logo

To see how your logo will look on an actual timeline:

  1. Enter a Timeline: Open any timeline you are working on.

  2. Preview Actions: Click on 'Timeline Actions', and then select 'Preview'.

  3. Review Your Timeline: A preview of the real timeline will appear, complete with your newly uploaded logo in the selected size.

The Importance of Branding

Having your logo on your timelines serves several purposes:

  • Professionalism: It reflects a polished and professional look for your business.

  • Brand Recognition: It helps to build and maintain brand recognition with your clients and vendors.

  • Consistency: It ensures that all your timelines are consistently branded, which can help with marketing and client retention.


With your logo prominently displayed on your timelines, you reinforce your brand with every event you plan. If you encounter any issues uploading your logo or have any questions about customization options on Timeline Genius, please reach out to us at We're dedicated to making sure your timelines look exactly the way you want them to.

Let's make your brand stand out!

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