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Create Your Own Customized, Reusable Timeline Template
Create Your Own Customized, Reusable Timeline Template

Organize Rolodex inputs and create a template. Import pre-made placeholders or fill out a form. Customize and assign for future projects.

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To speed up your work and save time, you can create your own generic timeline template that you can reuse on future projects. There are two key activities involved in creating your own reusable timeline template:

Organizing Your Rolodex Inputs 

  1. Create standard placeholder names for clients, venues, and vendors using a templated naming convention. For example, use “T-Ceremony-Venue” to represent your ceremony venue and “T-Caterer” for your food vendor.  

  2. Click on the “Rolodex” tab on the top left of your screen and select “Vendors/Venues/Clients” to add your templated names. 

  3. Click “Add Vendor/Venue/Client” to save your changes. 

We have a list of these already created that we can also import to your Rolodex for you 🎉 Complete this form to have our team import the template placeholder names for you.

Creating Your Reusable Template 

  1. Click on the “Create Timeline” button in the top right of the screen. 

  2. Under the option to use the Genius Feature, click “Select.” 

  3. Enter in the templated names from your Rolodex into the various text fields, then click “Generate Timeline”. 

  4. Click directly on timeline items to edit the timing and text associated with each item. Don’t worry about updating the other text sections at the bottom of your timeline template. 

  5. Click on the “Assign” sub-tab in the top left and adjust which venues, vendors, and clients are assigned to each timeline item. 

Remember to take your time in setting up all of your information correctly, because this reusable template could be your foundation for future projects!

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