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Quickly Find & Replace Words or Phrases
Quickly Find & Replace Words or Phrases

Find and replace words throughout your timeline items using the "Find-Replace" feature.

Updated over a week ago

If there is a word or phrase that is repeated throughout your timeline items that you’d like to replace, Timeline Genius makes it quick and easy with the Find and Replace Feature. For example, perhaps you need to replace the name of the Father of the Bride with the correct spelling – “John” instead of “Jon”. Here’s how you can find references to “Jon” and automatically replace them with “John”:

  1. From the “Edit” view of your timeline, click on “Timeline Actions” in the top right.

  2. Select “Find-Replace” from the dropdown menu.

  3. Type in the text that you’d like to find in the “Find” field, then type in the text that you’d like to replace it with in the “Replace with” field.

  4. You can go through each instance one by one and click “Replace”, or simply click “Replace All” to correct all references at one time.

This video shows replacing "T-Bride" and "T-Groom-First-Name" with client names:

Keep in mind that the Find and Replace Feature only operates on your timeline items, not your Contacts sections or other text sections like Notes/Reminders. To supplement this feature, click on the “Edit” tab in your browser and select “Find” from the dropdown menu. This allows you to double-check your whole timeline document to ensure that any unwanted references have been removed and/or replaced. 

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