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How to Send Text Message Reminders
How to Send Text Message Reminders

You can set up automatic text messages to go out to your clients/vendors/venues to remind them of their schedule

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This is one of our favorite features! Any event planner knows just how hectic an event day can be. You're running around helping the photographer track down family members when one of the groomsmen is nowhere to be found!

You can easily set up text messages to go out automatically on event day to remind everyone where they should be and when.

Here's how:

  1. In the timeline you wish to edit, navigate to the Remind tab (next to Edit, Assign, Collaborate).

  2. Check the boxes of the people you want to remind, then scroll down and check the boxes of the items you want to remind them about. You can even set reminders for yourself!

  3. Scroll up to the top and determine how many minutes before the item you want the reminders to go out. 

  4. Click "Set Reminders". If you do not have a phone number saved for a particular person, you will be prompted in that moment to input one.

  5. Voilà!

You can easily see all your reminders set for each person by clicking on their name to the right of your screen.

Once a text reminder has been sent, you can review the status of the text messages. Read more about that here.

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