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Give Print/Download Permission to your Collaborators
Give Print/Download Permission to your Collaborators

How to allow your collaborator to download a PDF of their timeline

Updated over a week ago

Your collaborators, including venues, vendors, and clients, will not be able to download or print the timeline unless you grant them permission. This is to prevent any outdated versions of the timeline from being printed and brought to an event. As the account owner, you must give permission for vendors to access and download the timeline for collaboration purposes.

To give them permission, head to the collaborate tab, and select the name of the collaborator you wish to grant download rights to.

You'll see Collaborator: (their name) at the top of your screen. Underneath their name you can check the box to allow them to download the full timeline and/or the tailored timeline (venues/vendors). This is called "wedding party timeline" for clients.

The full timeline will allow them to download the entire timeline, while the tailored timeline will only download those items they have been assigned to.

You can uncheck either box at any time.

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