Timeline Genius makes it really easy for event planners to invite their clients, vendors, and venues to view and/or edit a timeline in progress. Anyone who is invited to view or edit a timeline is considered a collaborator. 

A collaborator will receive an email from their planner with a link to access the timeline. Save the link because you can use it each time to return to the timeline.

Here are the key things a collaborator should know:

Access Rights - If you see an eye icon to the left of a timeline item, that you means you can view this item, but you cannot edit it. If you see a pencil icon, that means you have been given permission to edit that item.

If you have been given access to add timeline items, you'll see a button to the right of the help icon that says "+Add". Click there to add timeline items, hair and makeup tables, text sections, or timetables.

Your planner has control over these access rights and can change permissions for any item for any collaborator.
Planners: here is a reminder on how to do that.

Download Rights - If your planner has given you download rights, on the top right of your screen you will see a little download icon like this:

Click on that to download a PDF of the timeline. If you don't see that icon, it means your planner has not given you download access rights.
Planners: here is a reminder on how to do that.

Commenting - you can easily leave comments for your planner under every timeline item. Simply click on the down arrow to the right of each item to access the comment panel. Your planner will be notified that you have left comments. Only you and your planner will be able to view and respond to these comments. No other collaborator will see your comments or your planner's responses.

Editing - If your planner has given you editing rights to an item, all you have to do is click on the item for the edit options to appear. You can write in more text, upload images, create hyperlinks, change text color, and add tables. Click on the time of an item (ex. 9:30 am) to edit the time or set it to TBD.

Here is a short tutorial for collaborators on accessing and editing a timeline. The video starts with what to do if you have been invited to input your info first before the timeline is generated. Skip to 3:56 for what to do once the timeline is generated and you are invited to edit.

See also Solving Common Collaborator Problems.

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