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Enhance Your Timeline Presentation with New Font Size Customization
Enhance Your Timeline Presentation with New Font Size Customization

Tailor your timelines with our latest feature—adjustable font sizes for a perfect finish.

Updated over a week ago

Great news for all our diligent planners! Timeline Genius is thrilled to announce a feature that has been eagerly anticipated and frequently requested by many of you: customizable font sizes for your timelines! This new addition is all about giving you even more control over the presentation of your final timeline documents.

Navigating to New Preferences

Here’s how to access and utilize this new feature:

  1. Access Preferences: Start by going to your preferences at the top of your Timeline Genius interface.

  2. Select Preferences: Once you've opened your preferences, you’ll notice there’s a fresh option available.

Customizing Your Font Size

The new feature allows you to:

  • Edit Body Font Size: Adjust the font size for the body text of your timeline to ensure readability and style.

  • Edit Time Font Size: Modify the font size for the time elements of your timeline for clarity and emphasis.

  • Apply Default Settings: These settings will become the default for all new timelines you create, streamlining your process.

Finalizing Your PDF

As you make these adjustments, remember:

  • The changes will affect how text appears in the final PDF copy of your timeline.

  • This ensures that your timelines not only are informative but also meet the aesthetic preferences of your clients and your brand standards.

We're Here to Help

Should you have any questions about this new feature or if you need assistance with font size customization, our support team is just an email away at Don't hesitate to reach out—we're here to support your success and ensure your timelines look their absolute best.

This feature is yet another step towards empowering you to create timelines that stand out, with legibility and professionalism that your clients will appreciate.

Cheers to creating timelines that are as clear and readable as they are comprehensive!

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