Auto-Scroll Feature

Changes made in the timeline automatically trigger a scroll to the modified section, saving time and enhancing editing efficiency.

Updated over a week ago

The auto-scroll feature in Timeline Genius is a convenient tool that automatically adjusts the view of your timeline when you make changes. When the toggle for auto-scroll is enabled, any modifications you make to the timeline will trigger an automatic scroll to the specific section where the change occurred.

Let's say you're working on a complex timeline with multiple sections and you need to make a change to a specific item. With auto-scroll enabled, as soon as you update that item, the timeline view will automatically shift to ensure that the modified section is visible on your screen. This saves you time and effort from manually scrolling and searching for the updated portion of the timeline.

By enabling auto-scroll, you can maintain a seamless workflow and keep your focus on editing and refining the timeline content without worrying about losing track of where your changes are located. It provides a dynamic and efficient experience, allowing you to quickly navigate and review the modified sections as you work.

Remember, you have control over the auto-scroll feature, and you can toggle it on or off based on your preference. Experiment with it to see how it enhances your productivity and streamlines your timeline editing process.

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