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Virtual Tour / Demo Options
Virtual Tour / Demo Options

Watch a pre-recorded demo, book a one-on-one demo, or join a group demo to get a virtual tour of Timeline Genius

Updated over a week ago

We offer three demo options for our those on our Free Trial plan, and those who don't yet have an account with Timeline Genius:

1. Pre-recorded Demo: You can watch a pre-recorded demo at your convenience. It provides a comprehensive overview of Timeline Genius, showcasing its features and benefits.

2. Free 1:1 Demo: Book a personalized 1:1 demo. During this session, we'll address your specific questions, demonstrate the tool's functionality, and offer tailored guidance based on your needs.

3. Group Demo: Join a group demo where multiple users can attend together. This interactive session allows you to see the tool in action and learn from questions asked by others.

Choose the option that best suits your schedule and preferred learning style. We're here to assist you in getting the most out of Timeline Genius!

If you already have an account with timeline genius, you can book a Quick Start call!

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