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Finalizing Your Event Timeline: Revoking Collaborative Access
Finalizing Your Event Timeline: Revoking Collaborative Access

Secure your finalized event timeline by managing client access at the conclusion of collaboration.

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The final week before an event is a crucial time for ensuring that all details are locked in and the timeline is set. Timeline Genius provides a straightforward way to conclude collaboration with clients, securing the final version of your timeline. This article will guide you through the steps to revoke access to the timeline once collaboration is complete.

Wrapping Up Collaboration

As the event approaches and the timeline collaboration phase concludes, follow these steps to finalize the document:

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon: Just as you did to invite your clients, head to the gear icon in the Collaborate panel.

  2. Click on the Three Dots: Find the client's name and click the three dots next to it to view more options.

  3. Revoke Access: You will see the option to 'Revoke Access.' Selecting this will prevent the client from making any further changes to the timeline.

Communication Post-Revocation

Once you've revoked access:

  • Clients will receive a notification if they attempt to view the timeline, informing them that access has been removed.

  • Clients will know to contact you directly if they have any last-minute changes or questions. This helps to streamline communication and ensure that any further modifications are handled by you, the planner.

The Importance of Finalizing

Revoking access is a best practice for several reasons:

  • Security: It ensures that the timeline remains unchanged after you've finalized it.

  • Clarity: It helps to avoid any confusion or miscommunication about the timeline's final state.

  • Professionalism: It reinforces the notion that the event is now in the execution phase, and further changes need to be managed carefully.


By managing collaborative access effectively, you ensure that the timeline reflects the agreed-upon plan without any last-minute alterations. It's a way to put a professional seal on the planning process and transition into event execution with confidence.

Should you need assistance with revoking access or any other features within Timeline Genius, our team is ready to help. We're committed to ensuring your events run smoothly from planning to completion.

Here's to successful events and satisfied clients!

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