Reorder Timeline Items

Learn three ways to change the order of your timeline items

Updated over a week ago

Reordering items in your timeline is simple, so you can quickly make changes as you create, edit, and collaborate with others. There are three ways to reorder timeline items from your default “Edit” view:

  1. Direct Edit: Click directly on the time itself and type the revised time into the text box that appears. Then click the “Save” button. 

  2. Drag and Drop: Click on the rows of dots on the left side of the particular timeline item. Then drag the item to the desired place in your timeline. 

  3. Bulk Time Shift: Click on “Bulk Edits” in the top left corner of your screen and select “Time Shift” from the dropdown menu. Enter the number of days, hours and/or minutes by which you’d like to shift the items. Select “+” or “-” to indicate whether you’d like to shift the times forward or backwards. Then click “Apply.” 

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