There are two ways to invite a collaborator.

1. Direct email from your Timeline Genius account

When you invite a collaborator to your timeline, they automatically receive an email. This includes your company logo and a button labeled “Go to My Timeline” that will link them directly to a web version of your timeline. 

Here is an example of what that email looks like when you invite a client as a collaborator:

If your collaborator is a Vendor, they will have the option to either click a direct link to access the timeline or activate a free account. Essentially all they have to do is click “Activate Account” and set a password. They’ll then have access to a “Shared With Me” tab in Timeline Genius where they can access any timeline that have been shared with them.

When the collaborator goes to look at the timeline, they'll see a pop-up with some basic information that looks like this:

There, they can collaborate based on the access rights you granted them for your timeline items. 

They'll also see a help button that directs them to this article for more in-depth explanations. 

You can also "View As" your collaborator to get a feel for what the platform will look like according to the access you have granted them. For instructions on how to "View As", follow this article.

2. Send a personal email with a URL to access the timeline
If you prefer to send them a more personalized invitation to collaborate, you can copy/paste a URL link into an email or text message that you write to them. To find this URL:

  1. In the "Collaborate" tab, click on the Settings gear icon on the far right side of your screen.

  2. Under the collaborator's name whom you wish to invite, click the three little dots and you will see an option to "Get Link". If you do not have their email address already in your Rolodex, you will need to add it first before the three little dots appear.

  3. Click "Get Link" and the URL will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

  4. When you're ready to paste the URL into a personalized email, just right click your mouse and "Paste". 

Once your collaborators receive their email or URL invite, they can just click the link to access the timeline. They'll see the pop-up instructions there.

Happy collaborating!

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