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Simplifying Vendor Changes: Replace Contacts with Ease
Simplifying Vendor Changes: Replace Contacts with Ease

Effortlessly update vendor information across your entire timeline in a few clicks.

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Vendor changes are a common occurrence in the event planning industry. Whether due to scheduling conflicts, unforeseen circumstances, or client preferences, the ability to quickly and efficiently update vendor information in your timeline is crucial. In this tutorial, we'll cover the simple steps to replace a vendor in your TimelineGenius event plan.

Replacing a Vendor Step-by-Step

Imagine your current DJ, DJ Brian, can no longer perform at your event, and you need to swap in DJ Justin B. Here's how to make this update without the need to manually edit each mention:

  1. Locate the Vendor: Find DJ Brian in your timeline.

  2. Access the Options: Click the three dots (...) next to the vendor's name to open the menu.

  3. Choose 'Replace Contact': Selecting 'Edit Contact' will only change the details of DJ Brian, but 'Replace Contact' allows you to substitute DJ Brian for a completely new vendor.

  4. Enter New Vendor Details: Type in 'DJ Justin B' and complete the necessary information.

  5. Confirm Replacement: Click 'replace', and DJ Justin B will now appear throughout the timeline.

The Immediate Impact

With this action, DJ Justin B is not only added to the contact section but is also automatically updated across the entire timeline. To ensure all changes are visible, simply refresh your screen.

The Benefits of Using 'Replace Contact'

  • Time-Saving: Eliminates the need to individually edit each entry.

  • Accuracy: Prevents potential errors that might occur with manual edits.

  • Consistency: Maintains uniformity across all timeline mentions of the vendor.

Seeing the Change in Action

If you navigate to the visual timeline, you will see entries such as 'DJ Justin arrives at modern mountain estate' reflecting the update.


TimelineGenius makes vendor substitutions a breeze, saving you precious time and allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your event. As always, if you have any questions or need further assistance with contact replacements or any other features, we're here to help.

Streamline your event planning process with TimelineGenius, where smart solutions are just a click away.

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