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Solving Common Collaborator Problems
Solving Common Collaborator Problems

If your planner invited you to collaborate, and you have some questions, this is for you!

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โ€‹Why can't I edit anything? If there is a pencil icon to the left of any of your timeline items, that means you can edit those items. Click on the item to start editing. If there is an eye icon, that means you can only view the item. Ask your planner for permission to edit. Here's a reminder for them on how to issue that permission:

Why can't I add timeline items? Your planner may not have given you access to add timeline items. If they did, you will see a button labeled "+Add" to the right of the help button on your timeline. If you do not see that button, you do not have access to add timeline items. If this is a mistake, your planner can learn how to grant that access here:

โ€‹How do I download? If your planner has granted you permission to download, there will be a download icon near the top right of your screen. Click that button to download a PDF. If there is no button, your planner has not given you permission to download. Here is how they do that:

โ€‹I can't edit anything - how can I communicate my comments with my planner here? You can click the down arrow to the right of any item to leave a comment for your planner about that particular item. Only you and the planner will see these comments. They will be notified by email within a day of any comments you have made. They will also see notifications when they log in to Timeline Genius.ย 

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