If you want to create timelines that function as your own personal reusable templates, you will want to use placeholder names for the vendors, venues, and clients in the template.

We suggest you use names like T-Bride-First-Name and T-Bride-Last-Name, and T-Ceremony-Venue, T-Cake-Baker, etc.

This is because when you ask the system to reuse a previously created timeline, it swaps out the vendors/venues/clients of the previous timeline and replaces them with the new ones you instruct it to use. 

But if you use too simple of a placeholder name, like "Bride", then when you reuse the timeline, every instance of the word "Bride" will be replaced with the new name. For example, replacing "Bride" with Jane will give you words like "Janesmaids" or "Mother of the Jane." Hilarious, but not what you need right now! 

You can create your own placeholder names in your rolodex, or you can ask us to import our standard list for you. Email us at support@timelinegenius.com and ask us to import the template placeholder names for you.

And if you've already found yourself with a "Janesmaids" predicament, follow the instructions halfway through this article to fix it.

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