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What happens after I cancel my subscription?
What happens after I cancel my subscription?
Updated over a week ago

When a subscription is canceled due to non-payment, the timelines associated with the account are temporarily inaccessible and will be greyed out. However, once you resubscribe, your timelines will be restored and accessible again.

If you are still experiencing any issues with accessing your timelines after resubscribing, please let me know, and I will be happy to assist you further in retrieving them.

Please keep in mind that your timelines will become inaccessible and then will disappear from your account. If you decide to resume your membership, we will make every effort to restore your timelines. However, please note that there might be some limitations or changes in the restored timelines, as they may not be exactly the same as before.

How to Cancel

If you wish to proceed, you can cancel or pause your membership on your dashboard anytime by choosing the dropdown menu at the top right where you see your name or company name, then choose Plans and Billing and you'll see the cancellation link:

If you don't see a cancellation button, then you are not subscribed to any of our plans.

We surely appreciate you being a Timeline Genius member would love to ask for your feedback on your overall experience and maybe a sentence as to why you are canceling so that we can continue to improve and enhance the user experience.

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