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Overview of the Execute View
Overview of the Execute View

Use the execute view on your phone, tablet, or laptop to check off timeline items. Invite collaborators to follow along.

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Now, you can open your Timeline Genius account on your smartphone or tablet and go to the Execute View for your event, where you can mark activities complete as they happen.

On the day of your event, use the new Execute Features to manage your timeline as it unfolds:

  • Open the Execute View directly on your smartphone or tablet

  • Mark each timeline activity complete as it occurs

  • Choose to view only the incomplete or the completed activities on your timeline (never lose your place again!)

  • Make fluid and efficient real-time edits when changes inevitably arise

  • Update vendors and team members in the moment by sending a text at the click of a button!

  • See immediately when each person confirms receipt of your message

  • And, take private notes on any timeline item, keeping all your day-of reflections in one place.

Share the Execute View with Collaborators

You can share the execute view with collaborators, where they can follow along as you check off timeline items!

Inviting A Collaborator To The Execute View

When you send an invite, the client, venue, or vendor will receive a text message with the invitation:

They will then be able to follow along as you check items on the timeline.


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