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Streamline Your Planning: Exporting Contacts from Timeline Genius
Streamline Your Planning: Exporting Contacts from Timeline Genius

Leverage your network efficiently by exporting your contacts into a spreadsheet.

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Maximizing the potential of your professional network is essential in the event planning industry. Timeline Genius offers a feature that allows you to export your contacts—vendors, venues, and clients—into a spreadsheet, making it easier to manage your relationships and communications. This quick guide will show you how to export your contacts and suggest ways to use the exported data effectively.

How to Export Your Contacts

  1. Import and Export Button: Navigate to the 'Import and Export' button located in the upper right corner of your Timeline Genius interface.

  2. Export Contacts: You'll see an option that says 'Export Contacts'. Clicking this will prepare your contacts for download.

  3. Download CSV Files: Select the 'Download' button. Your computer will save CSV files for clients, vendors, and venues.

  4. Open and Utilize: Open the downloaded files on your computer. You'll have access to well-organized lists that you can use in various ways.

Making the Most of Your Exported Contacts

With your contacts now in a spreadsheet, you can:

  • Create a preferred vendor list for quick reference.

  • Upload the contacts to email marketing software for sending e-cards, newsletters, or event invitations.

  • Analyze your network for future marketing and business development strategies.

Why Export Contacts?

Exporting contacts provides several advantages:

  • Convenience: Having a spreadsheet makes it easier to sort, filter, and search through your contacts.

  • Integration: You can integrate your contacts into other software tools or CRM systems.

  • Backup: It serves as a backup, ensuring you have a copy of your contacts outside of Timeline Genius.


Knowing how to export your contacts from Timeline Genius can save you time and open up new possibilities for managing your professional network. Whether for marketing purposes or simply to keep a handy list of your connections, this feature is a valuable asset for any event planner.

If you have questions about exporting contacts or any other features, our team is here to assist you at Let's make your event planning network work for you!

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