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Upload Photos, Tablescapes, Floor Plans, and Other Files
Upload Photos, Tablescapes, Floor Plans, and Other Files

Upload files and supporting documents to your timeline

Updated over a week ago

You have the ability to upload files, documents, and images to your timeline – this keeps all of your event information housed in one, easy-to-access place! Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the “Edit” view of your timeline, scroll down until you see the “Files” section. 

  2. Select the “Add a File” button in the bottom left and select the file you’d like to add from your computer. 

  3. Once you’ve added your file, you can also choose to download it from your timeline by clicking the “Download” button on the bottom right.

  4. Next you can choose to share the file with any of your collaborators. Click on the three little dots to the right of the file to choose with whom to share the file. If you share a file with a collaborator, they will be able to view and download the file when they access the timeline. Click here to remember how to invite a collaborator.

Note: that these files do not copy over to tailored timelines, previews, or PDFs. 

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