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Why is the Spacing Off in my PDF?
Why is the Spacing Off in my PDF?

Some common reasons that your PDF may be misaligned

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There are three common reasons that you may find your spacing is off when you go to print your timeline.

Page Margins:
You can tweak your page margins in your Preferences which customizes the amount of white space on the top, bottom, right, and left of your timeline. Visit this article for more info on customizing page margins.

If you have inserted images into your timeline, that may cause the spacing to be off in your PDF. Consider resizing your photo to make it smaller - less than 600 pixels should be fine. Here's a list of free image resizer tools.

If you have inserted tables into your timeline items, sometimes that can also cause misalignment in your PDF. If this is the case, try removing one table at a time and refreshing your PDF. It may be that only one table is causing the misalignment and organizing that table's information in a different way will resolve your trouble.ย 

If you have images within your tables, try placing the images outside the tables and see if that fixes the issue.

If you are really stuck, please reach out to customer support team and we'll take care of it!


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