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How to Send a Timeline to Wedding Party Members
How to Send a Timeline to Wedding Party Members

Learn how to easily assign and send detailed timelines to your wedding party using Timeline Genius with our quick guide.

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When planning a wedding, keeping the entire wedding party informed and aligned is crucial for ensuring that the big day goes smoothly. Timeline Genius makes this easy by allowing you to share detailed timelines with your wedding party members. Here’s how to send a timeline to your wedding party members effectively:

Option 1: Assigning Items in Edit View

  1. Access Edit View: Begin by opening your timeline in the edit mode.

  2. Select Items: For each timeline item or text section you want to share with your wedding party, click the dropdown arrow next to the item.

  3. Assign to Wedding Party: Check the box labeled “Wedding Party” to assign that specific item to your wedding party timeline.

Option 2: Bulk Assigning in Assign View

  1. Go to Assign View: Switch to the Assign view in your timeline editor.

  2. Select Wedding Party Timeline: At the top of the Assign view, click on “Wedding Party Timeline.”

  3. Bulk Assign Items: Select the timeline items and text sections that you want to include in the wedding party timeline by checking them off.

Sending the Timeline

After you’ve assigned the appropriate items to the wedding party timeline:

  1. Open Timeline Actions: Click on “Timeline Actions” in the toolbar.

  2. Choose to Email: Select “Email” from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select Wedding Party Timeline: In the email options, check the “Wedding Party Timeline” box.

  4. Choose Recipients: Scroll through your contact list and select the wedding party members to whom you wish to send the timeline.

Remember, wedding party members will receive the timeline as a PDF document since there is no online view available for them.

This method ensures that all relevant party members are kept in the loop with a detailed, easy-to-follow timeline, helping your event run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy planning!

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